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An Arena FPS  set in the cyberized 1920's where you tussle with waves of mobsters in larger then life warehouses with your slick movement and hot arsenal of weapons you won't find in your typical noir works.
WASD - Movement
Left Mouse Button - Fire
Right Mouse Button - Aim
Spacebar - Jump
Ctrl - Crouch
Spacebar + Crtl - Crouch Slide (crouch apon landing)
Scroll Wheel - Swap Weapons
1 - Pistol
2 - SMG
3 - Rifle

  • Column 1 QOL perks: 
    * Quickdraw: swap weapons and ads at max speed
    * HipfireGrip(pistol only): reduce recoil and camera shake during hipfire
    * DynamicSwayReduction: reduce spread as you hold down the fire button
    * KillingWind: movement speed boost on kill for 5s
  • Column 2 Damage Perks:
    * Rampage: each kill gives a stack up to 3, 20% damage boost per stack, lasts for 5 sec, can be extended with kills
    * ExplosivePayload: spawn a small explosion on hit that does 10% bullet damage
    * Dragonfly: spawn a big explosion on critical kill that does approximately 3 times the bullet damage
    * Desperado: up fire rate by 50% on critical kill for 10 seconds
  • Column 3 Reload Perks:
    * Outlaw: gain maximum reload speed for 5 seconds on critical kill
    * RewindRounds: refund bullets equal to 70% of the number of hits when magazine is emptied
    * Overflow: Refill Magazine to double normal capacity upon picking up ammo for that specific gun even when stowed

Lead Programmer - Gaston (https://github.com/ggmonx)
Co-Programmer/Lead Artist - Nathan Le
Lead 3D/Character Modeler - Christian Silva
3D Weapon Modelers - Alec Chou, Kel Dizon

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine


cyber20s.zip 835 MB


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The gun play is exciting! I can tell you all put good thought into the design and balance of each weapon.