A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A single player, card game, based on the simple poker game of blackjack but with a narrative twist to it. In the story mode, chat with your dealer to learn more about them and the very casino you're playing in. Or if you're playing endless mode, try and beat your high score.

Game Designer/Programmer/Lead Artist - Nathan Le

Producer/Programmer/Narrative Designer - Anooj Vadodkar

Game Designer/Music Producer - Nat Atlaw

Background/Concept Artist - Angel Flores

Concept Artist - Nick Li

Concept Artist - Simon Anderson

Install instructions

In order to run the Windows version, just extract the files to a folder on your desktop, and run the executable! The zip and the rar are the same in terms of content, only with a difference in file size.

To run the Android version, download and install the APK, and you should have the app installed as "Blackjack". We're working on getting it onto the Google Play store for easier downloading. The app creates and reads from a local file in order to have a persistent high score across play sessions.


BlackjackTable.apk 115 MB
BlackjackTable.rar 164 MB
BlackjackTable.zip 182 MB